Unique Tourism Common Sense on Poland

Poland, officially the Republic of Poland, locates in Central Europe. It is the sixth most populous member state of the European Union. Poland’s capital and largest city is Warsaw. Across the whole country, it is predominated by temperate climate. Many vegetation and animals grow in Poland – a country covered with lush forests.

As a number of EU, Poland witnessed an increase in quantity of tourists who travel in Poland. Revenue of tourism accounts for a large proportion of that of service market. Advanced education in Poland attracts thousands of overseas students leave their homeland for Poland to seek further education and superior teaching resources.

Influence by Germanic, Latinate and Byzantine culture, many famous celebrities and well-known masterpieces spring up all over the country. Football is one of the most popular sports in Poland. The Poland national football team has achieved great success and participated in countless competitions. Poland football shirt is an obvious evidence of this golden era. The latest home shirt published in 2016 is a single product popular among loyal football fans.


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