I believe that lots of animation fans must know the Japanese anime culture. Japanese animated films and television series are largely influenced by Japanese manga and have been extensively popular in the West. Japan is a world-renowned powerhouse of animation.

In terms of Japanese literature, Yasunari Kawabata was a Japanese novelist and short story writer. He is the first Japanese author to receive the Nobel prize in literature in 1968. His works have enjoyed broad international appeal and are still widely read. Kazuo Ishiguro was named this year’s winner of the 2017 Nobel prize in literature. He was born in Nagasaki in Japan but moved to the UK when he was five.


Japan national football team is one of successful teams in Asia which has qualified 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals. Japan football shirts are traditionally blue and white. Blue is associated with Japanese sky and ocean according to the Japan Football Association(JFA). The color of Japan Home Shirt 2018 is Samurai blue(Japanese traditional indigo), the nickname of Japan national team and a symbol of victory in Japanese culture.

The home shirt features a retro ribbed V-neck collar with red decoration which is from the national flag symbolizing Japan and victory as well. The white lines of the shirt take inspiration from traditional craftsmanship Sashiko stitching technique. The federation badge and a small national flag lined in gold are, as always, embroidered on the chest. The bird with three legs is not only a mystical creature in Japanese culture but also the guide to 2018 World Cup. A sun under one foot of the bird symbolizes Japan. Adidas three stripes are put on shoulders, back to the classic design.

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